Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama, Republican Nightmare, America's Prince

President Obama inherit ted a terrible financial fiasco when he became president in January, 2009. It appears he is going to run the national deficit high to try and outpace the decline of our economy, then seek to reduce the deficit a few years later. This is a sound model which FDR set in motion so many years ago when the stock market crashed sending America into a Depression. FDR set a kind of socialism into play that lasted in part even to now, but Republican influence has sought to rescind much of the good FDR had done for this country. Reagan began with his deregulation of business and major tax cuts. Bush 41 followed the new "trickle-down" theory and continued to minimise social programs. Clinton cut major social programs like welfare. Then, the nightmare of W's 8 years of reign....and look where misplaced cuts have gotten us. So, Obama steps into a real mess with a desire to lead as a man who wants to work alongside everyone...democrat, republican, and independent. However, his good natured plan has been thwarted at every pass by the republicans in Congress to the largest degree. Can these people never take the time to step back and realise that old ways are not always the best or needed things for the present and future? We don't often think deeply enough about it to realise we have socialism within our country already and it works pretty well insofar as allowed...the police, firefighters, highway works programs. Yet, all we hear from the conservatives is that Obama is going to turn this place into a socialist country. My question to you, dear reader, is ... why is socialism a bad word to us? Is it because for years now we have been indoctrinated to believe it to be so? Have you really even considered what it means? Think about it. Is it bad to desire all Americans the privilege of health care? Would it be so bad to have a national banking system? National communications system? National transportation system? A national retirement system ? National energy systems? Really friends, what is the down side to "Democratic Socialism?" Many other countries of the world now function quite well under this type of socialism mixed with capitalism. Why is it taboo here? Seeking your replies in earnest. Alan

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