Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Vision of America Being Restored

You know what REALLY raws my hide?

Obama haters. In my opinion, the man has been in office for 50 days, and has outdone the past 7 presidents already.

Here is a man who has a plan and is willing to do what it takes to make it work. He has a vision of where he wants to see America go. He has the drive to see it thru and turns the other cheek when others criticize him.

President Obama knows he inherited a messed up economy, but moves to correct the past mistakes of previous leaders. At the same time; he believes that while we are down, we should push harder than ever to make the scene right. This is so we see the desired America at the outcome.

W. had a vision of America that SHOULD frighten each of us to death in retrospect at least, if not all along. He pushed to be Commander and Chief, and dare I say, Dictator. With the ten recently released presidential memos he had made secret, we got to see W. looking into using troops on US soil against citizens. He desired to do search and seizures on Americans and haul us off to unknown prisons without due process. He tapped our phone lines to see what we did even in our private lives. And, let me stop this for another day's discussion and get back on topic.

Clinton was an okay president. He was a womanizer and had a weak backbone. He was a smooth talker similar to Obama, but lacked Obama's drive. For example, the gays in the military issue, which he compromised on.

Bush Sr. was a man who had a desire it seemed to cause upheaval across the globe and spent vast sums of money in so doing. He was a sneak while in office in so many areas it is almost as innumerable as W's. Remember Iraq, Kuwait, letting down the regulations on corporations.

But, Bush Sr. had an adept teacher in his predecessor, Reagan. He is the Republicans' Star Memory. But I dare say, the fiasco we find ourselves in now began in this Administration. Reagan began to deregulate corporations, took us to war, was involved in the whole Iran-conta mess, Star Wars Missile Defense, and built the idea in most of our minds that everyone could (and should) desire to be rich. Statistically and historically, not mentioning logically, an untruth.

More than any other people in recent American history, Reagan and Bush Sr. led this country over a cliff financially. They began to undo what Roosevelt had worked so hard to create in "The New Deal." Then, Clinton furthered it with welfare reforms that needed a tweak, but not to the degree he did. Some people need help and many still have not recovered from that era of government cutbacks.

Obama has a Roosevelt type mentality.

We need health care for all Americans. Without which workers miss alot of work. Employers are overburdened with Health care costs, and are forced to pass the expense on to consumers. Many people die early for lack of coverage. A great number of citizens are now considered uninsurable due to a change in employment and not being offered benefits to cover these conditions. Obama realises that insurance companies can spread statistical risk factors over a larger group of people and be able to cover these people. In a small business situation, there simply aren't enough people in the group to spread the risk factors and their speculative costs economically.

Obama sees the conditions of our school. He realises it has to be updated. We must get away from teaching towards a test and get back to teaching basics. We need our students to specialise in trades or professions. Insodoing, our young people need not use phrases like, "Can I make that a large sized fry" so long before getting to work in their chosen life paths. He realises that drop-out kids mean less people to do the real jobs that need done in order to regrow our society and make American goods marketable across the globe again. He knows we need to close ineffective or run down school and build news educational facilities to promote learning. President Obama is willing to spend now to get future gains back via higher paying jobs.

He sees our infrastructure and transportation systems are broken and decaying. Like Roosevelt knew, repairing these things creates jobs and makes us move faster and safer. Money paid today, saves lives and pays us back later.

He is pushing for new and cleaner technologies. This makes us strong again and lessens our future costs due to a healthier environment.

He knows or social security and medicare systems are on the verge of going dry. He has plans to shore these up and give us hope of retirement someday.

I could go on for pages and pages, but you get the idea by now. Each of these areas will cost money upfront, but the payback will be multiplied. Like Roosevelt, we must do what we must to get the economy rolling again. But while we are down, let's rebuild to greater heights and come out the other side better for it.

Yes, the sacrifice will be great; but is the other option any better? We cannot afford to not repair what is broken. If we are to emerge better, we must dream larger, and build higher, and we will once again be "The City on the Hill" which Reagan spoke of.

When someone tells you about a dream they had last night, often it sounds bizarre. It may sound incredible. It may take alot of thinking to figure out what it was all about. Yet oftentimes, it will amaze you once you see the vision of the dream for yourself. So, sit back and envision the dream instead of scoffing at the dreamer. You may be awed once you catch the vision.

Visit and see what the plans are. Join and follow Obama and Biden there. Become informed.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Proposition 8 Trial and Awaiting A Court Verdict

As I ponder the fight in California's Supreme Court, I wonder what could be the holdup. The courts already ruled the issue was unconstitutional. The ballot initiative moved to alter the Constitution. In this, it was obviously not constitutional, in whatever state, as it takes the rights of a minority group away via a vote of the majority.

If this can be done, what is next? Women's rights to vote? Black people's right to be free? Slavery to become legal for the use of Corporations? A woman's right to choose to have an abortion? A woman's right to have 8 children at a time? A family's right to have more than 2 children? A woman's right to not keep a child known to have a defect prior to birth? A woman's choice to keep the ill child at birth? The rights of elderly people to live past a healthy age? A person's choice to live in a state? Where does the madness end?

When it reaches into your family, job, living arrangement, or whatever... Are you ready to lie down and be silent; as California and many other states want us to do? Are you willing to stand casually by and watch YOUR RIGHTS be voted away? Or would you lead an uprising and protest YOUR CIVIL LIBERTIES being taken away?

I doubt if ANY of us would allow ANY government to simply take away our rights without a fight. So, why do I constantly hear that we, gay Americans, whine to much? Why are we asked to simmer down and accept the will of the people? Why are we to allow a travesty such as this to be perpetrated upon us?

The underlying truth of the matter is that the will of the majority ought never to be allowed to trample the basic civil rights of a minority. Much in the way that your mother probably at some time asked you, "If all your friends decided to jump off a tall bridge and plunge themselves into the rocks below...would you just follow them?" Is that not precisely what California, and so many other states, and indeed our Federal Government itself is allowing to happen? We have begun to plummet off a cliff one after another due to our fears of change, or our prejudices against others. Are we to simply follow in lock-step with our fellow countrymen, giving no thought to what lies below? Cannot someone, Our Judges, Our Leaders, Our Religious Leaders, SOMEONE, see that this is a foolish injustice that leads to certain death of a healthy society? Am I the only one who sees this?

Who amongst us has a mind of their own? Who is able to break free from the mold and have an original thought of her own?

Mothers, are you willing to see the joys of your "different" children abolished? Do you not care about ALL of your Children?

Fathers, are you so concerned with what an intolerant neighbor might think, as to allow your Child to be told, "No! You are not worthy of love?"

Religious leaders, have you not lead the charge that sex before marriage is ungodly; yet denying the Children whose emotional wiring is different to not have a right to fulfill the JOY of a relationship that can be made legal, if not sanctified? Are you truly sure "your interpretation" of your religion's teachings are correct in the way you understand it to be? Are you willing to reject Science simply because it is not vague holy text from a era so far prior to your own. Do you not think your God understands changing mores? Changes in societies? Is your God so limited that he cannot be relevant today? Is it not possible that Truth today might mean something different from what your predecessors understood truth to be? Can it not be that they were in err in their interpretation? Are you following their thinking simply because it came first? Are you not then as the sheep that follow one another off a cliff one after another, never questioning the first sheep's errant thinking?

I imagine Jim Jones' followers might today see they were in err in following their leader? If you lead others down the cliffs, is it not you who must answer for the followers who follow you?

Judges, are you so cowardly as to not stand for what is right?

Politicians, must you be so concerned about the next election? Have you lost your first love for doing what is right, and the rest be damned? What happened to the zeal you once felt? When first you entered your elected position, I bet you thought you might change the world? Here is yet another chance to do so.

Neighbor, if you are so against gay marriage, civil unions, domestic partnerships, or some heretofore unknown term for a relationship; that you would see your neighbors and their families suffer because of your hesitance to change your mindset? Can you not lay aside your prejudice?

If you are all so against gay relationships, let me suggest you ... do not enter one such relationship yourself...but to allow those of us who are gay to finally enjoy ours in peace.

Are you tired of hearing about gay rights? THEN, GIVE US OUR RIGHTS AND WATCH THE DRAMA FADE INTO THE FUTURE. We hate hearing about it too.

But, until we have the right to a good job, a loving relationship, a lack of fear of being brutalised on the street, a right to keep OUR property when our loved one dies, a right to see each other and make decisions in hospitals and nursing homes, and so on, and so on, and so on ... WE WILL NOT BE QUIETED !!! Most of these issues can easily be solved legislatively and briskly...then the issue will quiet and we can get along with living our lives in peace.

IF NOT, EXPECT US TO CONTINUE TO RAISE OUR VOICES IN PROTEST. A promise never to end this battle til we win our rights is proclaimed here in print today, again.

Can't we all just coexist and get along?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pastor Fred Winters Killed In Church Shooting

Pastor Fred Winters was killed in the Church Shooting today. 2 others were air lifted to SLU Hospital in St. Louis. Several others injured. See also and for more details.


Pastor and 4 others shot at First Baptist Church of Maryville, Illinois today. A man came onto the Church stage and opened fire. Parishoners wrestled the man to the ground. Mixed reports say one Church member may have stabbed the attacker. One of the victims has been announced dead. Victims were sent by helicopter to SLU Hospital. A motive is still unknown. For continued coverage. See