Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Trump proves his Fascist ways

I wish to state that I DEPLORE THE STATEMENTS of presidential candidate Donald Trump about banning and tracking Muslims in America, closing Mosques and marking them with ID card notations.

He has stated that he would, if elected president, close Mosque. Does this not go against the US Constitution? Are we not a country who is proud to have freedom of and from religion? Let me remind you, Trump supporter....

US Constitution
Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Would he go so far as to  lose and ban and track Christians for their terrorists who bomb abortion clinics, the KKK against blacks and such hate crimes? Be careful to control your hate. It may be you next.

TRUMP has stated that he would ban Muslims to immigrate here, visit here as a tourist and even not allow Muslim American Citizens living abroad or travelling outside out borders to return to their own country.

He has in the past considered containment camps for Muslims within our borders. I'd this different from Hitler and the Jews. How far will it go. Would his registry be voluntary? If they did not register, would there be penalties? Would they be rounded up and housed? Would this not be a form of the hated welfare for them? Will that lead to death sentences for these innocent people.

TRUMP has stated that all Muslims are terrorists at least in their desires. He has stated that they all want Jihad and that is "ALL THEY BELIEVE IN." Not only is that poor English. It is ludicrous.

We now have a mark upon our country that the #1 candidate for president is on record saying that Muslims are not welcome here. Where is the outrage? I hear cheers. A lady in our office stated that she agrees this is right to do. She said, SEND THEM ALL HOME.

Is this not the same as the signs in our country to:
Send the blacks to Africa,
NO negros allowed,
NO Irish allowed,
The fight recently of NO gays will be served,
The ideas of women being a lesser piece of our society,
The signs that only a certain number of Minors be allowed in a store at one time (still being seen),
Etc etc etc etc

Where will this stop? If you are a republican, where is your outrage? Where is that contempt that you had in 2001 when you spouted that this or that thing says we are not patriotic? Do YOU support this madness, if so, state it below with real, rationalized, and thought out comments please.

This a a shameful statement. Though I almost never get offended myself... this offends me on behalf of every Muslim friend I have and know... peaceful, kind, sweet and loving people.

THIS IS THE FIRST THING THAT TRULY OFFENDS ME years. The last was a coworker who said to me, eye to eye in a safety meeting that he felt the US should declare open season on all gay, bisexual, lesion and transpeople, and that he had a gun in his car. Then, stepped out to use the comfort room. THIS OFFENDS ME 1000 TIMES MORE.

I believe that this theatrical set of statements leads to violence on both sides of the argument and borders. It ought to be punishable by law, and have Mr Trump banned from holding office at any level in this country for life, and much much more.

That is my expressed feeling and conviction on this topic. It pissed me the total fuck off!

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