Monday, November 30, 2015

City boy moved to the country... again

Moving to this house, out in the middle of nowhere, has been a challenge. I'm south of Dayton, Texas and North of Old River. My back fence begins the Trinity River Wildlife Preserve.

The house is a 1965 2 story. It has floors that are all unenen. The kitchen floor was collapsed when I moved in.

There was no heat or air conditioning when I moved here. I used a window air conditioner. I have put plastic up along the stairway and blocked the heat out. In the start of winter, a single space heater was not enough to cool my new bedroom. I'm converting the old living room into my master bedroom.

The quail barn, the start of my little game bird farm, used a portable air conditioner in the slim window during the summer. As winter is beginning, they have a room space heater.

Quail are truly little poop factories. Sunday is the allotted clean up the pens day. It is my least favorite hour of the week. The smell is horrific. I have learned that the ammonia smell accumulating in the shed means either there is not enough ventilation or need cleaned more frequently.

Snakes have been a challenge. I killed 7 so far. They have ranged from 7.5 to 12.5 feet long. Oklahoma rat snakes of Texas is their name. The rumor is that th er y were washed downstream during this year's floods.

The poor house is settling unevenly. It was sinking a bit when I bought her. All of the rain has not helped. A tree fell on the back 2 roof levels, the side addition and the quail barn, a week after I moved. It still lays on the house. I don't have the cash to fix the roof below yet.

Recently, the laundry room addition has leaked. The ceiling has begun to fall. I planned to fully remodel it. That makes it ok. I guess. The floor was already weak.

I will post more later.