Monday, March 2, 2009

California Supreme Court hears 3 lawsuits on Proposition 8

California's Supreme Court will hear arguments on thursday on three lawsuits about Proposition 8's legality. Prop 8 is the voter initiative that passed this past election where the majority in California took away the rights of gay people in that state to marry. The fight for gay marraige in California has been a live struggle since the 1970's. In 2008, the courts ruled that gays had the right to marry under the California Constitution. In that time, 18000 plus couples married. These 36000 people now have their marraiges in the hands of these judges. To me, this is not an issue of just gay rights anymore. It is a fight to preserve the rights of the minorities from the whims of the majorities. Wikipedia is quoted as stating, "without responsible government it is possible for the rights of a minority to be abused by the "tyranny of the majority". I only hope for all our sakes, we have a responsible government that overrules this vote...not just for the sakes of gay people, but for all minority interests. The NAACP has thrown its full moral force behind overturning Proposition 8, stating that it is a civil rights issue now. More to come as details arise.

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